Black teen shot
An image of Antonio Martin's mother crying has triggered further anger among netizens on social media.Twitter/Tomas Bradley

Yet another police shooting of black teen Antonio Martin in Missouri's St Louis County, where Michael Brown was shot in August, has added to the anger in United States over police brutalities against blacks.

Martin was reportedly shot by an officer who claimed that the teenager pointed a handgun at him.

Martin's mother, Toni Martin, was inconsolable after the shooting, and a Vine footage of her sobbing over her son's death triggered anger on social media, with #RIPAntonioMartin trending on Twitter in the US immediately after the incident.

Twitterati expressed grief over the video of the crying mother, as anger swelled over the incident, that comes in the wake of ongoing protests against police excesses. 

In the Vine video, the woman, said to be Martin's mother, is heard crying "Kill me, Kill me" as she is consoled by others.

"#AntonioMartin that video of his mom broke my heart omg :(," said one person on Twitter. 

"How can this image not break your heart?," asked one person on Twitter, over a photo of Toni Martin crying.