Ferguson protesters
Protesters march to show their solidarity with the family of black teenager Michael Brown who was shot by a police officer and died in August in Ferguson, Missouri.Reuters

A black teenager was shot dead by the police at a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri, in the St Louis county where Michael Brown was shot dead in August. The police said the teenager had pointed a handgun at an officer. 

Antonio Martin, 18, was shot by a police officer late on Tuesday according to witnesses,  St Louis Post Dispatch reported. His mother, Toni Martin, also accused the police of killing her son.

A police officer shot and killed Martin 'fearing for his life' after the latter drew a handgun and pointed it at him, St. Louis County Police Department spokesman Brian Schellman has said. 

Martin reportedly brandished the gun when the officer approached him and another man at the gas station in the St. Louis-area suburb, Reuters reported.

The shooting comes after weeks of angry protests across the country against excesses by police against blacks. 

A crowd of protesters arrived at the scene, and according to witnesses, several have been arrested. More than 200 angry protesters gathered atv the scene, as per reports.

Brown was unarmed when he was shot by officer Darren Wilson in Missouri in August, and the latter was let off without charges by a grand jury, leading to weeks of violent protests in the state.