Taking undue advantage of the Hyderpora encounter, anti-India forces across the globe became active to perpetrate violence against nationalist Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir in particular and security forces deployed in the Union Territory (UT) in general.

On Saturday evening, anti-India forces, at the behest of Pakistan's notorious ISI, held an open room discussion on Twitter Spaces. Anti-India forces across the globe participated in the discussions in which venom was spitted against nationalist people in general and nationalist Muslims in particular.

Anti Pak

Call for mass poisoning of pro-India Muslims of Kashmir

In the discussions, some participants revealed that they have made a veiled call for the mass poisoning of people of Kashmir who have collaborated with India in Jammu and Kashmir.

It was suggested that fruits and other eatables laced, rubbed or injected with poison would be distributed to pro-India people and security forces to accomplish the nefarious design. It was suggested that these poisonous items must be distributed in the evening.

Video of the discussions, which has gone viral on social media, some panelists suggested inciting people against security forces to create chaos and confusion in Jammu and Kashmir. While devising a strategy to perpetrate terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir another panelist in the discussion suggested to allure and trap Indian Muslims and security forces.

"Give them gifts, show them Kashmiri hospitality because Indians fall for it. Subvert their systems and paralyze them. That's how a new war against India must start in Kashmir," a panelist suggested.

Suggested to collaborate with mainstream parties like NC, PDP to pursue separatist agenda

During closed room discussions on social media, some panelists from UK and US revealed a strategy of collaborating with powerful mainstream political parties like the National Conference and Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) to pursue anti-India agenda in Kashmir Valley.

Diaspora from Kashmir, PoJK and Pakistan posing as Kashmiris made a startling disclosure that they had collaborated with mainstream parties and use to pay them in exchange for terrorists in Kashmir. It was also revealed that Abdullahs and Muftis were allies of separatists, but now they are helpless under BJP/RSS.

J&K govt orders magisterial probe into Hyderpora encounter
J&K govt orders magisterial probe into Hyderpora encounterIANS

Incite people to come on streets, attack forces

One of the panelists said that India has figured out all the old strategies. "So now it's time for them to change the course," he suggested and pointed out that it was high time to come to the streets in Kashmir, attack forces, create chaos, anarchy, and terror in winters so that Pakistan has enough cover fire to attack India.

Cops on the job to identify culprits

As the video of the closed room discussions has gone viral on social media, cops have started an investigation to identify those who have participated in it. One tout of ISI namely Muzzammil Ayub Thakur, sitting in the UK, and some other persons from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir and outside Kashmir have participated in the closed room discussions to devise a strategy for creating bloodshed and destructions in coming days.

Anti-India forces become active after Hyderpora encounter

All anti-India forces have become active after Hyderpora encounter in which three civilians were killed. The killings of civilians in the encounter on Monday evening triggered fresh controversy as families denied all claims of the forces.

J&K Police claimed that two terrorists namely Bilal Bhai alias Haider and Aamir Magray were killed in the encounter along with an alleged Over Ground Worker (OGW) Mudasir Ahmed and a civilian Altaf Ahmad. Countering police claims, the family of Mudasir said that he was innocent and was not directly or indirectly involved in terror activities.

"Investigations revealed that the killed foreign terrorist Haider was involved in the recent brief shoot out at Jamalatta area of Srinagar and terrorist associate Mudasir Ahmad facilitated his escape from said spot to this rented location in an Alto-800 car," the police stated in an official handout on Monday.  The family of another alleged terrorist Aamir Magray has countered the claim of the police.