The wait is finally over, and Annaatthe, one of the most anticipated Tamil films of the year has graced the big screens on November 04. The pre-release hype of Annaatthe was so huge, as it marked the union of Superstar Rajinikanth with director Siva, who is known for making high voltage mass masala entertainers. However, all the expectations went in vain, as Siva has delivered a half-boiled movie with cliched sequences throughout the running time. 

Annaatthe: A story Tamil audiences have been witnessing over years

In the movie, Rajinikanth plays the character of Kaaliyan. As we all know, Kaaliyan is a man of a golden heart, and he is one of the most lovable persons in his village. The world of Kaaliyan revolves around his sister, Thanka Meenakshi. The bonding between a brother and sister has been portrayed several times in Tamil movies, but when it comes to Annaatthe, director Siva added that extra melodrama which will often test the patience of the audiences. 

Annaatthe Movie Review
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Meenakshi gets married and shifts to Kolkata. However, things took a turn when Meenakshi faces unexpected threats in the city. To help her, Kaaliyan reaches Kolkata and starts beating up baddies. 

In Viswaasam, Siva explored the relationship between a father and daughter. In Viswaasam, Ajith reaches the city to save his daughter, and in Annaathe, Rajinikanth is reaching the city to save his sister. Even though the doses of melodrama were high in Viswaasam, the film impressed the audiences due to its believable plot. But in Annaatthe, nothing works in favor of the movie, and there is not even a single scene that stands out. 

Rajinikanth's charisma could not save this sinking ship

Several worldclass filmmakers have previously said that the captain of the ship is the director.  Annaatthe once again proved the fact that an actor's sole charisma could not save a movie with a weak storyline and pathetic script. 

As usual, Rajinikanth tried his best to shoulder the movie alone. But logicless fight scenes and boring proceedings spoiled the overall show, and Annaatthe finally emerged as a colossal mess. Moreover, it is quite sad to see actors like Nayanthara, Meena and Khushboo not getting any chance to perform in the movie. 

Final Verdict: If you are a fan of vintage Rajinikanth, go and watch Padayappa or Basha. Annaatthe does not have any single element to satisfy fans of the biggest Superstar India has ever witnessed.