Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2015
Director and cast member Angelina Jolie and her husband and co-star Brad Pitt pose at the premiere ofReuters

After announcing her decision to get a divorce in September, Angelina Jolie is now having second thoughts about leaving Brad Pitt. According to reports, Jolie did not realise how much she would miss him after separating from her partner of 12 years.

Jolie has consistently said that her six children are her first priority and that is why she is rethinking her divorce. "The kids can't stop talking about him and asking questions, which is bugging Angie but also making her miss Brad. Angelina may even be having second thoughts about leaving Brad," Hollywood Life reported quoting a source.

The entertainment portal further reported that it is not all that simple for Jolie, which is why she is in no rush to get everything finalised. "She is a long way from calling off the divorce, but is no longer in a rush to get everything finalized. Angelina didn't realize how much she would miss him but now that Brad is out of her daily life, she misses his sense of humor and seeing him every day," the gossip website quoted a source as saying.

The website earlier reported that Jolie is backing off from the "aggressive divorce tactics" against Pitt because of their children. "After looking bad in the court of public opinion, Angelina is backing off her aggressive divorce tactics," the website reported last week.

"Those close to her have also convinced Angie that if she continues to go hard after Brad, the biggest losers will be the people she cares most about, their kids. Her main goal has always been protecting her children," a source told the gossip website.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked all speculations about Jolie rethinking her divorce from Pitt. Gossip Cop reported that "Jolie rethinking" story is 100 percent not true and in fact, she is determined to move forward with the divorce.