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The holiday season is coming and Angelina Jolie is reportedly planning something very special for her six children. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children reportedly had some tough couple of months due to their custody battle but if the recent report is to believe then the Maleficent movie actress has some holiday surprise for her children.

Despite Angelina Jolie's ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt and their mutual decision to take their case to the trial, the world-acclaimed humanitarian wants to make sure that her six children must have a good time during the upcoming holiday seasons.

According to HollywoodLife, 43-year-old Angelina Jolie wants to surprise her kids with a Thanksgiving dinner by inviting Brad Pitt to her place. An alleged insider went on to claim that Angelina knows that her six children would love to have their father around them during the festive seasons and "she would love to recreate that bonding time for her kids."

However, Angelina Jolie is reportedly worried as she does not know if Brad Pitt will consider spending the Thanksgiving dinner with her and their children.

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"She has major doubts Brad would take her up on the offer, but she wants to do something nice for the kids. Angie is hoping this will be the olive branch that might show Brad she's serious when she says she will always want him in the kids' lives," the alleged source further explained.

The unknown insider went on to claim that Angelina Jolie is reportedly missing her estranged husband Brad Pitt and is even thinking about him. Not only this, the Tomb Raider movie actress has started to feel horrible over her messy divorce, the alleged source further explained.

"She hopes the invite can help shift the energy of their relationship amidst the divorce and begin to bring everything to a peaceful place as soon as possible," the unverified source concluded.

Despite the recent claim, it was previously reported that Angelina Jolie does not regret the decision of parting ways with Brad Pitt and wishes to accelerate the divorce proceedings. At the same time, as of now, the recent claim is not confirmed by either of the celebrities' reps. So, there are chances that these are nothing but yet another fabricated claim about their private lives.

Update: Gossip Cop later checked in with the a close source who confirmed that no one from Angelina Jolie's inner cirlce reportedly spoke with HollywoodLife about her Thanksgiving dinner plans.