Android M is confirmed for launch at Google I/O 2015
Android M is confirmed for launch at Google I/O 2015Android Police

Following the huge success of Android 5 Lollipop, Google has been busy thinking how to improve the upcoming version. Codenamed as M, the upcoming edition of Android is about to be released in the Google I/O later this week.

According to reports, Google will be focusing on optimising the RAM and battery performance with Android M operating system. The rumour suggests that battery life has been set as major criteria for the upcoming Google OS, so there will be a lot of improvements in the system usage to cut off the battery drain.

The report further suggests that the upcoming Android M will use the location tracking only when required, reduce the activities when the display is in sleep mode. The upcoming edition will also trim down the RAM usage for further improvisation.

Like Lollipop operating system, the upcoming OS will also be released in two editions. The developer preview of Android M might be released in the upcoming Google I/O, while the final version will be launched around August this year.

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