Realme is just starting to roll out Android 10 for its smartphones, but the company has another exciting news for its users. Realme's CMO for India, Francis Wang, confirmed Android 11 rollout for many Realme phones while clarifying a user doubt on Twitter.

After Realme CEO Madhav Sheth's recent episode of AskMadhav went live on YouTube, users were confused about the company chief's remark on Realme X update cycle. Sheth had said that Realme X series will receive at least on Android update, which suggested Realme X, XT, X2 and X2 Pro could get only Android 10.

Naturally, this created a certain amount of unrest among Realme users. But the company's CMO came to the rescue and issued a clarification. After Wang's confirmation, it is clear that Android 11 will not only be rolled out to Realme X series but its "Pro" series as well.

Realme X2 Pro launching in India
Realme X2 Pro among others to receive Android 11Realme

Below is the list of phones eligible for Android 11 followed by the list of phones that won't get any major update after Android 10:

Realme phones getting Android 11

Android 11 for Realme
Android 11 for Realme phonesvia Twitter

Realme phones not getting Android 11

  • Realme 1
  • Realme C1
  • Realme U1

Android 11: What we know

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Android 11Reuters

Google recently confirmed that I/O 2020 developer conference will be held in California from May 12 to 14. A big part of I/O events all these years has been the unveiling of next big Android update. Although Google only launches annual Android upgrade with new Pixel phones towards the end of the year, the I/O keynote gives developers early access to the new software so they can start working on it.

After Android 10, stakes are pretty high for Google. There's no word on what's going to be introduced in Android 11, but it could be centred on privacy, deeper integration of dark mode, simplified file management, battery management and more.

There's still a long way to go for Android 11 to be officially rolled out to phones. Even the companies known to release software updates quickly will only roll out Android 11 by the end of the year. Realme phones could get Android 10 successor sometime in 2021. But it is nice to have a confirmation that Android 11 will be eligible for some of its phones.