Android 10 is highly anticipated by Android smartphone users around the world and some phones have already got a stable build of the new big OS from Google. After Pixel phones and few other smartphones, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro join the growing list of Android 10 devices.

This is exciting news for OnePlus 7  and OnePlus 7 Pro owners as Android 10 brings a major overhaul to the phones' software, revamping the entire user experience as if one is using the phone for the first time. From a revamped UI to new gestures support and much more, Android 10-based OxygenOS 10 on OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro is the most exciting update this year.

If you haven't received Android 10 yet, OnePlus says the OTA rollout is happening in phases and the stable software will reach all the devices over the next few days. The update is being randomly pushed out to devices, which means using a VPN to update your phone isn't the best solution.

OnePlus had been testing Android 10-based OxygenOS Open Beta with select OnePlus 7 [Review] and 7 Pro [Review] owners as early as this month. The company fixed few bugs with another beta build and it has finally rolled out the stable OS, assuming all issues have been addressed in the beta versions. The best way to check if your OnePlus phone has received OxygenOS 10, simply navigate to the phone settings, go to "System" and then "System updates."

Android 10-based OxygenOS 10 for OnePlus 7, 7 Pro
Android 10-based OxygenOS 10 for OnePlus 7, 7 ProOnePlus forum

In case you're wondering what's so exciting about the Android 10-based OxygenOS 10, here's a complete changelog:

The new software brings a brand new UI design, improved location permissions for better privacy, new gesture support in line with stock Android 10, where inward swipes from left or right take you to the previous screen and a bottom navigation bar lets you switch between apps or go home easily. There's also a new GameSpace, Smart display, a better way to block spam, and more.

Let's dive deeper into the new features of Android 10-based OxygenOS.

OnePlus is offering deeper customisation levels on OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro phones, complete with 3 preset themes, lock-screen customisation and Horizon light effects (OnePlus 7 Pro only). OnePlus is also getting a useful setting in Smart Display, which shows the name of the song playing around you simply by double-tapping the screen.

Android 10-based OxygenOS 10 for OnePlus 7, 7 Pro
Android 10-based OxygenOS 10 for OnePlus 7, 7 ProOnePlus forum

Since Android 10 is more focused around privacy, OnePlus, too, brings complete control over location permission in the hands of users. Users can choose from "always allow", allow only while using the app", "forbid" or "don't ask again once prohibited". Speaking of privacy, users can now review all the apps containing sensitive information and choose to revoke or grant access - all from a single space.

Most interestingly, there are two new notification modes, important and other. Under "Important," notifications will be received with sound or vibration, and the "Other" will receive notifications without any sound or vibration.

For all the gamers out there, the new OxygenOS 10 brings Game Space, which brings all games under one roof, ensures smooth gaming experience, access to Fnatic Mode and Graphic Optimization. This new feature lets you streamline your apps menu in a much better way.

Finally, another noteworthy feature is "Share Wi-Fi," which lets you share hotspot with other devices without having to give out your precious password. Simply by scanning a QR code, your friends can now connect to your phone's hotspot.