Android 10 (Android Q) is finally reaching smartphone users who have been eagerly waiting to get their hands-on experience after hearing and watching so much about the software ever since Google I/O 2019 event in May this year. Beta builds of Android 10 have been available, but the masses generally prefer the stable version and here it is.

After thorough testing and six beta updates, Google has finally decided Android 10 is ready for all. This is a big day for Android users as they can explore some unseen features for the first time on Android.

 If you're looking for reasons to upgrade to Android 10, we give you ten of them.

Dark Theme

A lot of Android custom UIs, including EMUI and OxygenOS, have been applauded for their dark theme setting, but Google has brought the popular feature in its Android 10. The system-wide dark theme allows users to get that black background everywhere, in emails, photos, web search, settings and more. As soothing as this looks, Dark Theme can save battery on smartphones, which is a win-win.


Android 10 craze picked up the pace for its new gestures that are optimised for the growing number of full-screen displays. There are three new gestures for switching apps, going back and going home. To go to the home screen, users simply pull up from the bottom. To go back in menus, users can swipe from left to right or vice versa from the phone's sides. Finally, to switch apps, users must swipe right or left from the bottom navigation bar and pull and pause to see all open apps.

Android 10
Android 10Google

Smart Reply

Google made it a lot easier to respond to messages and emails just by selecting from the suggested responses. Now, users get an added option of recommended actions, such as opening Maps when there's an address in the message or launching YouTube app directly when there's a video in the message. This saves those extra taps on your phone to get to what matters the most at that particular moment.

Live Caption

This is indeed a life-saving feature for many. While it has great use-case for those who have impaired hearing, Live Caption in Android 10 is a feature everyone can benefit from. The feature basically captions all the videos, including the ones you record on the phone and TV shows and YouTube videos. Live Caption is available system-wide and works offline, so you don't even need to rely on your network to activate it.

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier in Android 10 works as you expect. It boosts sound and allows users to filter background noise and fine-tune to your preference. Be it listening to podcasts or watching videos or even talking in a noisy area, enjoy amplified sound just by plugging in your earphones.

Android 10
Android 10Google


Android 10 brings a new notification setting that lets you mark notifications as Silent so they won't appear on your lock screen or make a sound. This way, you won't have to go through notifications you don't need at the moment and get to what needs your immediate attention.

There's also a simpler way to manage notifications just by pulling down the notification panel and scrolling to the bottom and select manage in the bottom left-hand corner.

Parental Controls

Parents are now in more control of their kids' smartphone habits. With the new Family Link feature, parents can set daily screen limits, manage what content they see and see device location.

Focus Mode

OnePlus' Zen Mode might have become popular among those who want to cut down their smartphone addiction, but Google has a different approach. As a part of its Digital Wellbeing, Android 10 now has Focus Mode that lets users choose distracting apps and block them temporarily.


The biggest privacy feature in Android 10 is the option to control when your location is shared with apps. Users can choose to share location with apps while the certain app is in use and then location tracking is automatically disabled when the app is not in use.

Users also get the option to opt-out of ad retargeting and personalisation under Settings > Ads. Google is offering users a chance to decide what data is stored and for how long. With Android 10, Google is really getting cracking with privacy.

Security Updates

Another important change that comes with Android 10 is that regular security updates have now been moved to Google Play system updates. This means users will get security updates faster and sent directly to your phone from Google Play. It uses the same process as phone apps getting their updates.

These 10 new features in Android 10 are not all that defines the new OS. There are several other improvements to the OS, such as improved battery life, dynamic depth file format in the camera, sharing Wi-Fi via QR code, new emojis, integrated Android Auto, and support for foldable screens. So, there are more than 10 reasons to upgrade to Android 10 right away.

How to install Android 10

Eligible smartphones can get Android 10 over-the-air or manually install the OS to enjoy all these features and more. Here's how you can get started with Android 10 installation. But first, it is important to note that only select phones have got stable Android 10, which include all generations of Pixel phones, Pixel/XL, Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3/3 XL/3a, Essential Phone and Redmi K20 Pro. The list will soon grow, so don't get disappointed.

The Android 10 update is being rolled out over-the-air, which means users will get a notification as soon as the software update hits their device. All you need to do is tap on download and install while being connected to Wi-Fi. Make sure your phone is charged 75 percent to ensure a seamless installation.

There's a way users can manually flash OTA images on their phones, but we'd advise you to wait for the OTA release to avoid complications.