Amitabh Bachchan, Christopher Nolan
Amitabh Bachchan (L), Christopher NolanGetty Images

Following a bunch of Hollywood celebrities, now renowned Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan will be coming to India in a month, as confirmed by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan. 

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Taking to his personal blog, Big B revealed that Dunkirk director will be in India as Kodak film is coming back. He also took to Twitter to share his excitement upon the matter.

"It is all about to change yet again Kodak, that largest name for film, is coming back. Many in the world of direction and production are finding values in the product done on film to be the more liked subject. So, like Dunkirk, the film by that renowned Christopher Nolan (who) uses only film for his picture.

"And in a month or so, the man himself Mr Nolan is coming to India to inaugurate or at least lend support to a few matters," the 75-year-old actor wrote.

The actor seems to be very optimistic about the revival of Kodak film at a time when it is all about digital film. He also explained a bit why the movie world is still referred to as the "film industry" even in the digital age.

"Firstly, the archival of films, their repairs and preservation, and secondly to support the Kodak world all over again. I believe that Los Angeles, Hollywood is already all back to film again. They say the quality and feel and colour of film is unmatched, so what happens to digital... It shall exist, it shall co-exist and film shot on celluloid shall be sent to the lab for its development, but all post-production work shall be digital.

"I mean what kind of times are we living in," the Coolie actor wrote.