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Amitabh Bachchan has been strictly advised by doctors to cut down on workload due to his health condition, but the megastar seems to be completely ignoring the warning. While Big B has not been keeping well for the last few days, he recently worked for as long as 18 hours a day.

After reports had claimed that Bachchan's health condition has not been good, the actor himself in his blog had confirmed that doctors advised him to take good rest and avoid working so hard. However, the veteran star seems to be completely ignoring the doctors' suggestion as he continues to work as before. In his recent blog post, Bachchan wrote that he shot three episodes of KBC 11 back-to-back, causing him to work for 18 hours on that particular day.

Big B worked for 18 hours a day recently

"Yes, sir, I work. I work every day. I worked yesterday, it lasted 18 hours. It gave me reassurance, love, and blessings," he wrote. Earlier too, Bachchan had written about working extremely hard as the TV show is nearing its end. "Apologies for the delayed Post and the Blog .. but as we near the ending of the season of KBC .. a great amount of catch up is being required .. hence finished only by 1 AM, this morning and am setting off again to the studios .." he had written.

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Why isn't he taking it seriously?

In his previous blog post, Bachchan had shared a picture that shows him lying in bed, and he had written that his body was giving a signal to slow down. There were also reports that the Bachchan family is extremely worried about his health condition, and hence, strictly told him to cut down on work. Nonetheless, seeing the actor's work schedule, it is difficult to say that he took the warning seriously.