Amit Shah attends Union cabinet meeting after his COVID recovery

India's Home Minister Amit Shah, after recently recovering from COVID-19 has been re-admitted to the hospital. The incident happened on the intervening night of 12 September at around 11:30 PM. Reports suggest that Amit Shah developed breathing complications post which he was rushed to AIIMS in Delhi. 

This marks the second time that he has been admitted to the hospital owing to COVID-19. His situation was reported to be critical the last time, and rumour mills were working full time on speculations around his health. Soon after rumours on his condition, AIIMS had earlier released a statement dispelling them. 

Amit Shah

It was reported that Home Minister Amit Shah's family, wanted a lesser workload for him after his last recovery. But there was no official confirmation on this. Amit Shah was back to work as soon as he made a recovery. This time around, the reports suggest that many COVID patients develop post-recovery complications, and such patients require vigilant monitoring by their doctors.

Support and prayers were pouring in on social media platforms for Amit Shah's recovery.