Daniel Shravan (left), representational image (right)
Daniel Shravan (left), representational image (right)facebook/ Creative Commons

At a time when the nation is outraging over the Hyderabad horror involving rape and murder of Disha (name changed), one filmmaker named Daniel Shravan made some comments that are extremely infuriating and disgusting.

In a bid to curb incidents of murder after rape, the film-maker suggested a scheme of legalising "rape without violence". In a post on social media, Daniel suggested that girls above the age of 18 should carry condoms and co-operate with the rapists to avoid being murdered.

Film-maker suggests government legalise 'rape without violence'

"Government should encourage legalize Rape without Violence Scheme (No killing after rape). Girls above 18 should be educated on Rapes (i.e girls should not deny the sexual desires of men). Only then these type of things will not happen," he wrote in the post.

He even went on to blame the stricter laws and women organisations for rapists killing their victims after the crime. If that was not enough, Daniel even wrote, "Rape is not a serious thing but murder is inexcusable".

"Society and women organisations are the main reasons to get this type of evil thinking in rapists. If court and law give an excuse for rape, rapists wouldn't get thoughts of murder after rape. Legalising rapes without violence is the only way to control these type of brutal deaths," he wrote in another post.

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Daniel tries to defend himself

Obviously, the man got vehemently slammed as people on Twitter and Facebook asked him to consult a psychiatrist. With all the flak coming in, the film-maker later deleted the posts and tried to defend himself saying that his comments were not his personal opinion but he was simply putting out dialogues of an antagonist's character for one of his movies. He also apologised for the comments. Nonetheless, people on social media are not ready to buy his clarification.

"I would like to write an apology for posting insensible comments on a sensitive social issue and say you regret posting it and won't repeat... I'm writing those dialogues as part of a Movie Character ( Villian ) I'm going to Direct which was misunderstood by the audience. I apologize for that. It's not my Opinion. No Intensions of hurting anyone. I APOLOGIZE FOR MISUNDERSTANDING CREATED ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS," he wrote after deleting the posts.