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Most Indians have too many battles to fight but the majority have named political and financial corruption, crime and unemployment as the three issues which bother them the most.

A study conducted by Ipsos across 28 countries says globally people are bothered the most by these top five issues: financial/political corruption (35 per cent), unemployment (34 per cent), poverty/social inequality (33 per cent), crime and violence (32 per cent) and healthcare (24 per cent).

The monthly online survey by the global research firm − 'What Worries the World' – points out that for 47 percent of Indians financial/political corruption is the biggest issue faced by the country, followed by crime/violence (43 per cent), unemployment (29 per cent), poverty and social inequality (28 per cent) and terrorism (26 per cent).

"Though corruption is a global issue but it is big in India. Efforts to stem it haven't yielded the desired results and new cases of corruption keep emerging. Similarly, crime and violence have become quite common and this worries four out of 10 people in India. The government needs to improve law and order and do more to generate employment opportunities," says Parijat Chakraborty, executive director, Ipsos Public Affairs, while speaking to Livemint.

Surprisingly, despite being concerned with the above mentioned issues, 60 percent of Indians are happy about the direction their country is moving in. Though this is 6 percent down compared to the previous month, it is still better than the global average, where 58 percent people in 28 countries think their country is not on the right track.

People in China (92 per cent) top the list of respondents being the most optimistic about their country's future. Saudi Arabia (76 per cent) and South Korea (74 per cent) are second and third in the list.

"Being a democracy and an emerging market, people in India expect accountability from the government and this validates their efforts," added Chakraborty.