While political parties are busy mud-slinging and indulging in blame games, security contingents are volunteering to come together with the Indian armed forces to serve the nation. The Indian special forces unit National Security Guard has approached the Ministry of Home Affairs, seeking permission to send house intervention teams (HIT) to counter terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The move, if approved, will free up the elite para commandos of the Indian army to strike at targets across the Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir, which are used to stage terrorists. The para commandos also have border action teams that strike across the border at Pakistan army targets, in mini versions of last year's surgical strikes. The para special forces also took part in those strikes.

However, the NSG's proposal is still under consideration by the Indian government, Hindustan Times reported.

NSG commandos
NSG commandos have offered their help to combat terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.Reuters

Terror attacks supported by Pakistan are seeing a steady rise in the Kashmir valley, and the NSG's (popularly called Black Cats) proposal can add much-needed teeth to the security forces' fightback.

Happymon Jacob, a professor of international relations at JNU, told the International Business Times India said that the move may not be welcomed by Kashmir residents.

"While it is understandable why the NSG would like to be involved in counter-insurgency (CI) operations in Kashmir (i.e., to enhance its operational readiness), involving the NSG in the CI operations will send wrong signals to Kashmiris," he said, adding, "NSG is trained and tasked with specific objectives, carrying out regular CI operations in Kashmir is not one of them". 

The NSG, with its specialized skills and weapons, can neutralize terrorists quicker and without much collateral damage, which is increasingly becoming a thorny political issue in the state.

What is National Security Guard?

NSG is a specialized force that deals with crisis situations like terrorist attacks. The elite force unit was formed in 1984 during Operation Blue Star to neutralize Khalistan terrorists from Amritsar's Golden Temple, and functions under the ministry of home affairs. There are currently 7,350 personnel currently working for NSG, and it is headquartered in New Delhi. 

The Black Cats were called to action in the recent past during the Pathankot air base attack in January 2016. They successfully neutralized four terrorists who came in from Pakistan. The NSG commandos also tackled terrorists during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. In 2002, they were involved in clearing the Akshardham temple in Gujarat of terrorists.