Amazon Prime

American e-commerce giant Amazon has joined hands with Mumbai-based Pritish Nandy Communications to develop the first bunch of Originals for Amazon Prime Video -- the TV-and-movie streaming service and global competitor to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video service, which was launched on December 14, is now ready to develop the first bunch of Originals. The Originals will have a 10-12 part fiction series set in Mumbai -- tentatively titled 4 More Shots Please.

The fiction series is about four women, a bar, unrelenting chatter, lives falling apart, dreams coming together and lots of men. It is being written by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan and created for television by Rangita Pritish Nandy.

Founded by Pritish Nandy, Pritish Nandy Communications has presence in all areas of content business such as music CD's, cassettes, DVD and broadband.

Amazon launched its Prime Video service in India on December 14 along with 200 other countries and territories. To kick-off its India launch, Amazon has planned 17 Indian Original shows that vary from drama, comedy, psychological thriller, biopic, mythological, sports drama and political satire.

Amazon Prime Video members will also get to access original content from other countries just as the Indian content will be available to members around the world.