Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is in the midst of a family drama after his girlfriend's brother filed a lawsuit against him. 

Michael Sanchez, the brother of Lauren Sanchez, has accused Bezos of defaming him by saying that Michael leaked intimate photos and texts to the National Enquirer. 

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos visited Taj Mahal with Lauren Sanchez in January 2020.Twitter

In January 2019, the National Enquirer exposed Bezos' extramarital affair with Lauren and revealed text messages between them.  Bezos had in 2019 accused the publisher of National Enquirer of attempting to blackmail by threatening to publish some of his intimate photographs.

In Michael's lawsuit, he had claimed he suffered substantial harm as a result of Bezos' allegations, including an FBI raid at his residence in front of neighbours.

The lawsuit said he was a "dutiful brother and manager" to Lauren at the time of the leak. Bezos was yet to issue a statement on the lawsuit against him.

Michael receives money 

Last week, it was reported that Michael received a $200,000 payment from the National Enquirer for leaking intimate images and text.

Lauren, however, described her brother's lawsuit against Bezos as "baseless and untrue".

Her brother has denied his role in the leak, saying he is suing Bezos for unspecified damages "in an amount appropriate to punish and make an example of defendants".

Amazon CEO Jeff and wife MacKenzie Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff and former wife MacKenzie BezosReuters

Last week, in a further twist to Bezos' phone saga, The Wall Street Journal reported that Michael reportedly sold photos to the National Enquirer, which then published a controversial story about Lauren and Bezos' affair early last year.

"Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have evidence indicating Jeff Bezos' girlfriend provided text messages to her brother that he then sold to the National Enquirer for its article about the Inc. founder's affair, according to people familiar with the matter," the WSJ reported.

Bezos' affair 

Bezos in February last year accused the publisher of National Enquirer, an American tabloid published by American Media Inc (AMI), of "blackmail" and "extortion".

Bezos' affair returned to news when The Guardian reported that it was "highly probable" that Saudi Arabia hacked Bezos' phone in May 2018, which the Saudi government has denied.

"It seems likely that Michael Sanchez is the primary source for the National Enquirer's story. It's also possible that Saudi Arabia may have hacked Bezos' phone, though that's not a certainty," reports The Verge.

Bezos visits India with girlfriend

On his latest visit to India, Jeff Bezos went sight-seeing with girlfriend TV presenter Lauren Sanchez as they visited Taj Mahal in Agra. 

Jeff Bezos

The two were seen posing in front of the reflective pool that leads to the Taj Mahal. Photographs of the couple were widely shared on social media. 

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