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Is Amazon building Avengers' helicarrier-like flying warehouse and super-Drones? (screen-shot)

In November 2015, Amazon showcased a video of drone delivering parcels to consumers, and finally, beating all obstacles, it turned to fruition with launch of the pilot flight service dubbed as 'Amazon Prime Air' to deliver goods in the UK in December 2016.

Now, a new report has emerged that Amazon envisions taking much bigger stride in flight-based delivery service in coming years. Amazon's ambitious AFC (Aerial Fulfillment Center) plan also involves developing of advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones that can attach to other drones to form a super-drone, like we see in Sci-Fi Transformers series.

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As per the patent filing, Amazon's collective-drones will be able to carry heavy loads or multiple items for longer distances and if need be, they can undock to individual drones to deliver items to different locations, reported GovTech.

The main intention seems to be conserve fuel if the delivery of multiple goods is in the same direction and only separate during landing on separate houses.

There's more

The e-commerce giant as also applied for patent about a plan to build huge flying warehouse on the lines of The Avengers' comics movie-based helicarriers, but one key difference is that Amazon's warehouse-cum airship will be held high by a gas-powered blimp.

The patent also mentions about a hypothetical study case wherein Amazon plans to deploy an airship dubbed as Airborne Fulfillment Center (AFC) 45,000 feet above land near a sports stadium, to quickly deliver team merchandise and snacks during a game.

Is Amazon building Transformers-like super Drones and flying warehouse? Yes, Patent filing indicatesLeavitt (@zoe_leavitt) via Twitter

Since the Amazon's ambitious AFC plan requires permission from multiple government agencies, it will take several years of testing and only then, it will be certified safe. For the Amazon Prime Air, it took three years for the company to start the pilot in UK and is it yet to get permission in US, Isreal and other select regions.

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Watch this space for latest news Amazon and its AFC plan.