Kodi alias XMBC Interface
Kodi alias XMBC InterfaceAndroidpit

Kodi, formerly known as XMBC Media Center, has been removed from Amazon App Store. Explaining the reason behind the step, Amazon blamed the free-to-download app for spreading piracy. Though Kodi alias XMBC doesn't feature any pirated contents, the third-party add-ons are responsible for the bad reputation.

The open source cross platform app can be used across devices and offers a 10-foot-long user interface for making it perfect for viewing on large displays.

TorrentFreak reported that numerous apps including Kodi are in the hit-list of Hollywood's entertainment industry and they report to several popular platforms including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon to take down their contents.

Recently Apple has banned all BitTorrent related apps in its iTunes store to stop all torrent related downloads though iPhones, iPads or any other device runs on iOS operating system.

Illustrating the reason behind the ban, Amazon wrote an email to the Kodi team. The e-mail reads, "In reviewing your app, we determined that it can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content. Any facilitation of piracy or illegal downloads is not allowed in our program."

"Please do not resubmit this app or similar apps in the future," they added.

Though Amazon has banned the Kodi, it still offers Plex, an app which offers similar pirated contents through unofficial add-ons.

In an interview, the Kodi chief doubted that removing it from the app store may hurt Amazon as Kodi is one of the most popular app among the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick users.

He also asserted that though Amazon has removed the app from the App store, it still can be downloaded on Amazon Sticks via sideloading.

Though Amazon banned the app, any Android device user can download the app for free from Google Play Store.