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Film critics, who are once again upset with Srinu Vaitla, have said that the director has chosen a serious subject for Ravi Teja's Amar Akbar Anthony, but spoiled it with his comical treatment of the concept.

Amar (Ravi Teja) and Pooja (Ileana D'Cruz) are best friends. Their parents are cheated by their business partners and killed in a bomb blast, leaving Amar and Pooja homeless. How the two will grow up to take revenge on the murderers of their parents forms the rest of the story of Amar Akbar Anthony.

Amar Akbar Anthony is based on Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was earlier known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This is a condition wherein a person's identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personality states. Srinu Vaitla has blended this concept with some mass elements and logicless comedy scenes. The director has lost a good chance to win back the faith of viewers, say the critics.

Ravi Teja and Ileana D'Cruz have delivered good performances and their chemistry is one of the highlights of Amar Akbar Anthony. Vennela Kishore, Satya and others have also done good job and they are among the assets. The film good production values and background score, camera work, dialogues and stunts are the attractions on the technical front, add the critics.

We bring you some critics verdict and ratings for the movie. Continue to see them in Amar Akbar Anthony review roundup:

The Hindu

Revisiting that film (1977 Hindi film Amar Akbar Anthony) would have been worth the time than this new one in Telugu that positions itself as a revenge-comedy saga. Sreenu Vaitla's project rides on a weak story and the result is a mind-numbingly boring film.

Sify Rating: 2

Amar Akbar Anthony is a revenge drama with illogical moments and clumsy narration. Yet another disappointing movie from Vaitla. The best part of the movie is its lavish production values of Mythri Movie Makers. Punchline would be: Mugguru Kadu Atanokkade!

123Telugu Rating: 2.5

Amar Akbar Anthony is yet another disappointment from the hands of Sreenu Vaitla. The star director gets it all wrong as the film is a logic-less revenge drama which falls flat in many ways. There are a few comic moments which might click with the mass audience but on the whole, this film fails to reach the expectations completely and has nothing great to boast about.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.25

Amar Akbar Anthony' is yet another disappointing film from Srinu Vaitla. Contrary to his strength – comedy, the director has attempted a serious film with mass star Raviteja and seems to be paid price. This serious natured revenge drama may find it difficult to survive at the Box-office.

Telugu Mirchi Rating: 2.5

Amar Akbar Anthony is a revenge story based on 'Dissociative identity disorder'. This may disappoint the audience as unlike Vaitla's other movies ,this flick does not have commercial elements. Tried different plot but it barely sustained. Srinu Vaitla expected to bounce back with the movie but it hardly survives at box office.

Gulte Rating: 2.5

Sreenu Vaitla should have made a simple laugh riot like his previous films with Raviteja. Trying to execute something different from his usual style resulted in an incoherent mess that even Raviteja and a bunch of seasoned comedians couldn't save. On the whole, it is yet another disappointment from the director who just doesn't know how to come out of the hole.