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Director Srinu Vaitla's 2018 Telugu movie Amar Akbar Anthony (AAA/Antony) starring Ravi Teja and Ileana D'Cruz has received mixed review and average ratings from the international audience.

Amar Akbar Anthony is an action comedy drama film and director Srinu Vaitla has co-written the script for it with Vamsi Rajesh Kondaveeti. The movie is produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar and Mohan Cherukuri under their banner Mythri Movie Makers. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.33 hours.

Amar Akbar Anthony story: Set in the US, the movie is about three strikingly similar looking guys with contrasting personalities. Is it a single guy with three shades? or are there three guys with similar looks? The answer to these questions forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Ravi Teja has done justice to all three different roles and his performance is the highlight of Amar Akbar Anthony. Ileana D'Cruz, who has made comeback to Tollywood, has done a good job and her chemistry with the hero is one of the attractions. Vikramjeet Virk, Sunil, Abhimanyu Singh, Sayaji Shinde, Srinivasa Reddy and Vennela Kishore are also among the big assets of the film, say the audience.

Technical: Amar Akbar Anthony has rich production values. S Thaman's background score and songs, Venkat C Dileep's beautiful picturisation and locales, Srinu Vaitla's trademark comedy and punch dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the film-goers.

Amar Akbar Anthony reviews live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Stay locked to this page to read the audiences response. Check out the audience's response to the film:

Ashiwin‏ @alwaysashwin

#AmarAkbarAnthony Titles with thumping background music #AmarAkbarAnthony #AmarAkbarAnthony Good first half with raviteja counter strike comedy and engaging screenplay..story not revealed much followed by superb interval bang !!! The game starts now with more fun in second half...✌️winner fst half Second song in the first half DON BOSCO visuals and grandeur adaragottadu po ! Watch in Dolby theaters with good sound

Neeeeeee‏ @neebondapetta

#AAA #AmarAkbarAnthony decent watch - the paul character is good. Obviously Srinu vital is not going to make a rangasthalam for @MythriOfficial , but he did a decent job after a while ..Good enough .. Illean though is horrible. Please don't cast her anymore.

Rahool‏ @rahoolramana249

#AmarAkbarAnthony Good First Half Srinu Vaitla #Raviteja Excited For Second Half #AmarAkbarAnthony Raviteja - Sreenu Vaitla Hit Streak Continues #RajaTheGreat Days Are Back Humor Comedy Works On Parts But Overall Pakka Entertainment. New story With Gripping ScreenPlayDON'T Compare With Venky And DubaiSeenu Its Entertainment #AmarAkbarAnthony Has good Story

Naveen C Singh‏ @go4ncsingh

First half is absolute garbage, Comedy doesn't work at all. Forcing myself to watch the 2nd half. #AmarAkbarAntony #AmarAkbarAnthony is an absolute crap movie. #Sunil adds a little relief in 2nd half but overall a big flop for #SrinuVaitla #MythriMovies and #RaviTeja

AK‏ @HANSAbhee90

@SreenuVaitla - you did zing zing amazing job anta ga...! #AmarAkbarAnthony ‍♂️


#AmarAkbarAntony First Half Review: Strictly Average Offers Nothing New. Same Old Sreenu Vaitla kind of movie Forced Comedy Interval episode is okay Hope 2nd half picks up #AAA #AmarAkbarAntony final report- Trust me, It's a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R! One more from Sreen Vaitla. His disaster streak continues One more from #Mythri. This movie made Savyasachi look much much better You may get Dissociative Identity Disorder. Stay Away! #AAA #AAAOnNov16

Aditya‏ @Aditya_1712

@SreenuVaitla successfully you made the worst movie possible. Congrats on that the most disgusting and the tortures movie of recent times #AmarAkbarAntony

Sai Krishna‏ @saikrishna1224

#AAA Its nice movie to watch & It will make u laugh throughout the 2nd half &Ravi teja acting aithe super & @Ileana_Official made a nice comeback to TFI & songs are ok ok and @MusicThaman bgmusic were superb & sreenu garu direction baga chesayaru #AmarAkbarAnthony Finally Hit

sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#AmarAkbarAnthony first half done. First 10 min and last 10 min is decent. The rest of the first half is filled with outdated cozenage comedy with only a few genuine laughs. Comedy looks forced. RT and Ileana were good. RT showed different variation in each character. Narration moved ahead with single point agenda which is revenge. Few of Sunil's dialogues evoke laughs. But, over all a below average fare. If execution had been better, would have done well. A better Telugu actor should have replaced Gabbar Singh villain. #AmarAkbarAnthony

మంచు శిఖరం!!!‏ @legend_celeb_

1st half average 2 nd half very good Hit bomma #AmarAkbarAnthony

YUVIAN‏ @babarsher_

#AmarAkbarAnthony 1st half good.... #SrinuVaitla is back with a bang #AmarAkbarAnthony Decent second half...... Comedy is good in parts.... #SrinuVaitla and #RaviTeja tried new this time.... Both are back with bang... Overall commercially hit bomma.... #SrinuVaitla

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#AmarAkbarAnthony Below Average first half. Rotta comedy ☹️ .@SreenuVaitla Sir's comedy attack on audience #AmarAkbarAnthony #AmarAkbarAnthony Below Average

Weekend Review‏ @cinema_radar

#AmarAkbarAnthony Movie Review - One More......... #RaviTeja performed well , Good Production Values , Comedy works in Parts Forced Comedy , Weak Songs , Routine in parts Overall #AAA Works in parts One More Added for #SrinuVaitla , #Raviteja & #Mythri - 2.5/5 #AAAfromToday

Tollywood Shêyër‏ @TollywoodSheyer

Congrats #AmarAkbarAnthony Good First Half @SreenuVaitla @RaviTeja_offl comedy scenes Excellent Second half Overall movie must watch guys . #Raviteja back again with #Sreenuvaitla #Venky #Dubaiseenu comedy repeating Review - 3.25 / 5 Positive : Raviteja Screen Play Story Editing 1st Half comedy Negative : Songs illiyana 2st Half lag scenes Hat-rick Hit For #Raviteja and #sreenuvaitla combo

OverSeasRights.Com‏ @Overseasrights

#AmarAkbarAnthony - Jenda Pai Kapi Raju Positives: RaviTeja Performance High Production Values Sunil Scenes Negatives: Routine Screenplay Boring Comedy Bad Songs #AmarAkbarAntonyUSAPremieres #AmarAkbarAnthonyReview #Mass #Maharaja #RaviTeja

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#AmarAkbarAnthony - (2.25/5) THRIPLE Entertainment gone Awry The movie has an interesting premise of THRIPLE Entertainment but, loses its stream by Few Screenplay drags n Outdated comedy with Predictable seq. All in all, it's a Routine Revenge Entertainer that FAILS...!

Radha Krishna‏ @dir_radhakrishn

#AAAfromToday such a lovely hilarious film @RaviTeja_offl triple role in pics - gorgeous @Ileana_Official nice - @vennelakishore performance super -@MusicThaman bgm super

Movie Lovers‏ @tweetodyamam

Watched #AmarAkbarAnthony horrendous & pathetic @SreenuVaitla really nothing worked @RaviTeja_offl so old idea with funbucket comedy @Ileana_Official looks blouted @MusicThaman music is good @VenkatCDilip cinematography is superb @buduggadu @idlebrainjeevi @V6_Suresh

Srinath rtf‏ @rtf_srinath

#AmarAkbarAnthony arey vaitla ga first half dimpavu gara #AmarAkbarAnthony second half

Jayanth Dastimi‏ @JDastimi

#AmarAkbarAnthony 1st half routine story ,Comedy Postives: Raviteja,Ileana presence,DonbhaskoSong Good 2nf half,Nice screen play.. Overall above avg movie #AmarAkbarAnthony #Review 2.75 rating

Jayanth Dastimi‏ @JDastimi

#AmarAkbarAnthony 1st half routine story ,Comedy Postives: Raviteja,Ileana presence,DonbhaskoSong Waiting for 2nd half....

Vamsi Shekar @UrsVamsiShekar

#AmarAkbarAnthony: Mass Maharaj @RaviTeja_offl entertains as Akbar. Hilarious episodes with all comedians @Ileana_Official looks gorgeous Comedian #Satya steals the show as Jr Paul. His comic timing and dialogue delivery are excellent @MusicThaman once again nails it. High standard background music to the stunning visuals @RaviTeja_offl as #Akbar and @vennelakishore involving comedy episode is laugh-riot #DonBrasco song is rich in visuals and shot lavishly. Choreography is decent And music is brilliant @RaviTeja_offl as Mark Anthony... "I am strong.. We are strong" episode with @vennelakishore and @Ileana_Official is hilarious Comedian @vennelakishore as Bobby. Only he can do and nail it with his impeccable timing in "Amar Akbar Anthony" scene

Navya Reddy‏ @NavyaReddyCA

Honest Review: >Comedy didn't click >Routine Revenge Story >Lengthy Dialogues >Dija Vu of past movies DTS mixing is so bad that the BGM didn't allow me to understand most of the dialogues (watched the movie in Inox). Rating: 1.5/10 #AmarAkbarAnthony

High Voltage‏ @HighVol81136380

#AmarAkbarAnthony Just finished Amar Akbar Anthony. If you do not have split personality disorder, one will surely return with this disorder. movie lacks, proper plot, screenplay, direction. idi Amalapuram background lo teesina emi teda raadu. utter disappointment

TarunRaj( Rajkumar)‏ @tarunraj250

First half done Decent first half Wata and Jr paul comedy worked out well Interval on good note Hope second half does good #AmarAkbarAnthony

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