Amala Paul's previous marriage with AL Vijay is under limelight again following his father and producer AL Azhagappan comments on Dhanush, blaming him for the trouble in his son's paradise. The break-up did not witness drama that we usually see among warring couple and the best part of the story is that both the director and actress handled the issue with dignity.

We have read how AL Vijay reacted to his divorce with Amala Paul recently. Now, we are revisiting how the actress had reacted to the separation during the promotions of her film.

Amala Paul-AL Vijay Divorce
Amala Paul and AL Vijay.PR Handout

How break-up helped Amala Paul?
In the interview, Amala Paul chose not to call the break-up as "bad" and stated that it helped her to evolve as a person. "There is nothing bad or good. The experiences which are not pleasant you call them, bad, but for me it is it was painful, of course. But I think suffering is biologically helpful. It helps you evolve. It makes you a better person. It depends on you how you look at it. About my marriage life, it has been pretty painful and pretty sad." the Thalaiva actress claimed.

When the interviewer pointed out that there was not much unpleasantness in the break up, Amala Paul shot back saying, "There was of course, I can't be saying it was all smooth and happy. There were a lot of painful experiences, moments and things which we both went through. Since we both are celebrities, it was all over around and lot of people got involved unnecessarily. Media and stories it just got out of our control,"

Life can't be stable: Amala
"Apart from that I think what to say, it happened. Life can't be stable, always. I think I choose to look at the brighter side of life and move on. I made peace with it by forgiving myself and forgiving others who are also involved in it," the 28-year old ended.

Three years since their divorce, AL Vijay has tied the knot again with a girl named Dr Aishwarya. Whereas Amala Paul is back at what she desired to do always – acting. She is carving her own path.

Amala Paul and AL Vijay
Amala Paul and AL Vijay.PR Handout

The best part of the story is that Amala too has fallen in love again. Amala Paul herself confessed about it during the promotions of her previous film, Aadai.