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'Alone' posterTwitter/BipashaBasu

IBTimes India Rating:1.5

Remember that one doll with a creepy chuckle you had as a kid, which would shake the living daylights out of you? But as you grew, you would laugh it off asking yourself – Really, you call that scary? This is precisely the state of horror movies in India.

There was a point in time when Bipasha Basu's unnecessary panting on sensing a spirit would make one clinch onto the seat tight. Cut to 2015 when the age-old squeaky doors and flickering lights questions your decision of spending ₹200 at the ticket window.

Conjoined twins Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha) are biologically (and also emotionally) inseparable. While Sanjana is the loving one, Anjana grows painstakingly insecure of the attention her sister gets. Enter Kabir (Karan Singh Grover), the knight in shining armour, who connects with Sanjana more.

A happy marriage with Karan and after losing her sister to an operation, Sanjana returns to her maternal home only to find herself troubled by Anjana's vengeful spirit. The ghost's purpose, which stems from a bitter secret, is what the film holds for you.

Borrowed from a Thai movie of the same name, "Alone" gives you bouts of jitters but never creates a sense of panic. Director Bhushan Patel fails to instill fear with his latest as it employs the tried-and-tested tricks to put the audience on edge.

With the unpredictability gone out of the picture, what may, however, draw the audience towards this near-average film is the lead pair's steamy love scenes, which makes you think had they spared some passion for the needy then may be a few troubled relationships could have been saved.

Bipasha does a good job of portraying the ever-startled damsel, and why not considering the number of times she has been chased by grudge-bearing spirits. Karan oozes charm in his debut film but somehow couldn't get the I'm-scared-but-I'm-a-man expression right.

"Katra Katra" song by Ankit Tiwari is easily the only highlight in the two-hour-long scare fare, after the Kerala backwaters of course.

In a nutshell, "Alone" is best watched alone because if you take someone along, chances are you might get punched in the face for having taken them for a movie this thrill-less.