Pushpa: The Rise, one of the most anticipated Indian films of the year had its grand release on December 17, 2021. Upon release, this Allu Arjun movie literally set the box-office on fire, and it is slowly emerging as the year's biggest grosser. A day prior to the release of Pushpa, Allu Arjun reached Mumbai to attend a promotional event, and during the talk, the actor revealed why Pushpa is made in two parts. 

Why Pushpa is made in two parts? 

When Sukumar announced Pushpa a few years back, nobody expected that this film will be made in two parts like Baahubali and KGF. During the talk, Allu Arjun revealed that the film was originally meant to be made as a single movie, but as the shooting progressed, the makers were compelled to make it in two parts, as the running time exceeded beyond their expectations. 

Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun in PushpaPR Handout

"Yes, it's a fact that Pushpa was always intended to be one film. We started out just to make Pushpa, not Pushpa: The Rise, and then part 2. But after beginning the movie, and as the shooting progressed, it just got bigger and bigger, and then we tried compressing the film. We tried compressing 4 hours into 3 hours, and then 5 hours into 3 hours, and it became a long sequence of compression, till we realized that there's no point in doing that anymore," said Allu Arjun, Bollywood Life reports

Rajinikanth influenced Allu Arjun

During the press conference, media people asked whether Rajinikanth has influenced Allu Arjun while portraying the role of Pushpa Raj on screen. Allu Arjun revealed that Rajinikanth has influenced him, and revealed that he has been a huge fan of the actor since his childhood. 

"I grew up in Chennai, so the influence was much larger. I understand the Chennai culture very well and also their movies, and especially when it comes to Rajinikanth movies, I've been watching them since I was very small. A lot of my mannerisms and body language is inspired by him, and in this film, the inspiration is much more," added Allu Arjun.