UFO Venezuela
YouTube: UFOMania

A strange UFO sighting that apparently happened in Venezuela is now the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. A video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube by a user named Friman Rodriguez, and it shows a luminous flying object hovering very near to a mountain range. The object in the video had lights all over its body, and the visual literally seems coming directly out from a Hollywood sci-fi movie.

The strange clip was later shared by conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Mania' on YouTube where it racked up more than 5,000 views. The YouTube channel revealed that the eyewitness saw the incident when he along with his cousin was driving in a vehicle along the Pan American Highway.

The eyewitness also revealed that the object moved in a creepy manner, and did some weird maneuvers while moving across the skies.

After watching the video, viewers of 'Mavi777' also put forward various theories explaining the strange sighting. Most of the viewers argued that this sighting is irrefutable proof of alien existence, and the UFO that appeared over Venezuela could be most probably an extraterrestrial spaceship from deep space.

"Knowing how hard it is t make visual effects that track and key out foreground objects, I have to say this looks authentic. Granted, we didn't get to see it zig-zag as the observers claim the object moved. So it could just be something reflective in the sky. But, I am giving this a thumbs up as an authentic UFO," commented Anthony Castelluci, a YouTube user.

"It's an object that's flying and it's unidentified. Can't think what manmade object it could be so anything possible," commented K Bell, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics soon dismissed the alien angle, and they made it clear that the bright light spotted in the video could be from a construction site near the mountain ranges.

"It's just a big light of some construction on that vegetation up there. It's not moving. Its stopped up there. The car is moving on the road and give us this impression about that structure," commented Caio, a YouTuber.