UFO Mexico
YouTube: Secureteam10

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' has uploaded a shocking video that shows three unidentified flying objects (UFO) in the skies of Baja California, Mexico. Tyler Glockner, the UFO researcher who runs this YouTube channel reveals that the clip was apparently shot by a local resident, and argued that the witness live-streamed the event on Instagram.

In the video, we can see three unidentified flying objects in different parts of the night sky, and all three of them emanate bright light from the body. At the first glance, the UFO looked like a ball of light floating in the skies, but as the camera zooms in, it can be seen that objects are actually disc-shaped, a unique feature of alien spaceships commonly depicted in Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

However, the objects spotted in the night skies seem static, and it did not show any signs of movement.

The video of the eerie incident soon went viral on online spaces, and it has already racked up more than 160,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that the clip is 100 percent authentic and it substantiates the existence of alien life.

"The footage is defiantly real because of the zooming in and out and also the reaction of the Mexican, my first thought was Holograms test but that's just a guess. Also, youtube went down for a few minutes this afternoon, did anyone notice it?" commented Danbanrock1, a YouTube user.

Mechanic Steve, another YouTuber claimed that these lights are actually from manmade flying ships which are now part of Donald Trump's space force.

"These look to be classified craft from the U.S.A Airforce that is now part of the U.S.A Space Force. The reason I say this because the lighting looks like manmade LED lights if you take another look at the video. I'm hoping as more and more information about the not so newly formed U.S.A Space Force is revealed to the general public that they will let the public take a look at these craft in the daylight," commented Steve.

It should also be noted that images of similar static circular lights were posted online by various people a few days ago. Most of these UFO images were apparently shot from Minnesota and they were later shared online by a website named Unexplained.co.

Even though skeptics made it clear that these lights are actually street lamps, adamant alien buffs seem not ready to digest it, as they believe that no such structures will be installed on highways as it will deviate the attention of drivers due to the intensity of these powerful lights.