Mysterious lights
[Representative Image] Mysterious lights spotted in UkraineYoutube/screenshot

Two news anchors in Wisconsin, US, were left baffled on early Tuesday when they witnessed eerie lights flashing across the sky over downtown Milwaukee.

Around 4:43 am local time, a FOX6 WakeUp News camera captured something odd flying in the sky. The camera was showing the Milwaukee downtown skyline early morning and that is when it recorded several lights zipping and zapping across the sky.

The anchors were not able to identify what the lights were and one of the anchors asked whether they are aliens.

"Are those fireworks?" newscaster Kim Murphy asked. "What is that? Aliens? I don't know."

"What the heck is that?" the co-host replied, "It's getting weirder by the second."

However, Fox6's Amy DuPont, who went downtown to examine, revealed that they were simply a big flock of seagulls flying across the sky.

"Mystery solved," Amy said, adding: "There is just a huge flock of seagulls. No aliens here in Milwaukee, just a lot of seagulls."

However, several questioned Amy's statement and said the lights didn't look like birds flying across the sky in the video. The video went viral on Facebook with hundreds of people commenting on the page.

"When did Seagulls ever leave light trails, and they sure were fast seagulls to blaze across the sky like that. Try another guess," user Nick Farris said.

"If those are seagulls they have been swimming in some nuclear waste," user Anthony Trella said.

"I'm glad they found out what they were and told us- for a minute there I thought it was a cloaked alien ship," user David A Fierros said.

"People are seriously stupid to believe we are the only intelligent life forms in the entire universes, I believe aliens/ things and people from other planets have more tech than us and probably watch us all the time," user Dustin Gazzlin said.

"If these are seagulls then why would they be excited by this? If this was seagulls this would be a regular occurrence. Ps this was not seagulls," user Morgan Eugene Statikc pointed out. 

"Seagulls don't poop light emitting glitters.. Unless they ate one and proceeded to do an air poop dance," joked user Azrael Malakhim.

"Yeah right. Show me a bird that can light up like that in the sky and I will show you a human that can morph into a skyscraper. Lol. No birds at all. Our friendly family in the skies called UFO's," user Arvence Muhammad's comment read. 

Meanwhile, Tom Clements, a meteorologist with KEYC News 12, explained on Twitter why the lights were flashing and why they can be birds.

"They look funny because the shutter speed of the camera is lower longer than the frame rate (to help brighten the night shot) also gives the funny trail effect," he tweeted.