Harvard researcher Avi Loeb always believed that alien existence on earth is real. When scientists discovered Oumuamua, the first interstellar object to reach the solar system, Loeb strongly claimed that it could be a probe sent to the solar system by an advanced alien species. 

And now, Loeb claims to have discovered and retrieved fragments of an extraterrestrial object from the depth of the ocean. 

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Loeb recently completed a mission worth $1.5 million, where he and his team searched for signs of a mysterious meteor dubbed IM1 that crashed off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014. 

During the expedition, the research team discovered 50 tiny spherules, or molten droplets underneath the ocean, and they believe that it could have reached the waters from the Papua New Guinea meteor. 

However, the composition of these spherules has made Loeb suspicious about its extraterrestrial origin. According to Loeb, tiny objects, about half a millimetre in size, are most likely made from a steel-titanium alloy, which is much stronger than the iron found in regular meteors, The Independent reports. 

Loeb strongly believes that these objects could have either an interstellar origin or they were made by an advanced alien civilization. 

However, more testing should be carried out on these spherules to determine their exact origin and composition. 

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that all these revelations are curtain raisers before an alien disclosure. According to these alien enthusiasts, governments all across the world are well aware of alien existence, but they are intentionally covering up the fact fearing public panic.