As space agencies like NASA and non-profit organizations like SETI are trying hard to find proof of alien existence, a top scientist has warned that the crucial first contact may not be that great for humanity. Jacco van Loon, astrophysicist and director of Keele Observatory at Keele University warned that humans should be very cautious while dealing with aliens, as an advanced extraterrestrial species might have the intention to destroy humanity. 

Aliens might be hostile

In a recent article written on The Conversation, van Loon claimed that advanced aliens that might be living in the distant nooks of the universe may not be friendly, and sometimes, they might be hostile towards humans. According to van Loon, if aliens may get interested in the earth, they will wipe out humanity from the surface of the blue planet. 

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"They may be interested in our planet. Earth has perfect conditions for life. Aliens might need another home, if for some reason – such as climate change, nuclear war, or an enormous asteroid impact – they had to leave their own planet. It's also possible that they would not be looking for friendship. There are plenty of examples from our history of times when humans have traveled somewhere on Earth and acted cruelly, killing or enslaving the people that lived there. Aliens settling on Earth might want us out of their way," wrote van Loon in his article in The Conversation

Will aliens eat humans?

Alexander Pearce, an Irish convict notorious for cannibalizing his fellow prison escapees had once claimed that human meat is one of the tastiest meats he ever had. Jacco van Loon believes that aliens might eat humans if they find our meat delicious and nutritious.

"Humans are predators who eat other lifeforms. Aliens might find us nutritious or tasty too," the astrophysicist added. 

Jacco van Loon also suggested that aliens, if present somewhere in the universe are not contacting humans because they might be considering earthlings as a primitive species. He also made it clear that some advanced extraterrestrial species may not be interested in life outside their planet.