YouTube: Jbreeze216

Doomsday mongers are going crazy over an eerie clip shared to YouTube recently which shows a distinct purple stint in the night skies of Cleveland, Ohio. The video uploaded by the YouTube channel 'Jbreez216' was apparently shot by a car passenger, and to prove the color isn't just the result of reflections from his window, he comes out from the car and shoots the purple color in the sky.

"That's out of the window, that's crazy. Look at the sky, though, that's crazy," said the video uploader.

Even though the video was uploaded by Jbreez216, the clip gained popularity after it was shared by popular conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10'.

As the video went viral on the internet, conspiracy theorists started arguing that the pink color in the sky is indicating the arrival of Nibiru, the alleged killer planet which will bring about the apocalypse on earth. Some others claimed that the pink color is produced from an alien mothership that is cloaked behind the clouds.

After watching the video, viewers also put forward various theories explaining the creepy pinkish color on the skies.

"I wish the sky was always purple like that... Saw it last Sunday and it was one of the most beautiful but strange things I've ever seen," commented B4 Slayer, a YouTube user.

"The Big Reveal" is coming. No reason to fear, but.....hold onto your hats folks," commented David James, another YouTuber.

The new sighting in Ohio came just a few days after a red glowing fire was spotted in North Carolina. The video of this bizarre incident also went viral on online spaces, and conspiracy theorists speculated that it could be Nibiru making its presence on the skies.

Recently, a team of International scientists spotted a giant potential planet beyond Neptune named Goblin. Conspiracy theorists believe that the presence of Goblin is a real proof of Nibiru's existence.