It was around a few months back that Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief shockingly talked about the existence of aliens. Eshed claimed that an advanced alien species is working together with world powers like Israel and the United States. He also hinted at the existence of a galactic federation where humans and aliens are members. And now, while interacting with The Sun Online, Robert Salas, a former US Air Force captain had revealed that an alien UFO had disabled US nuclear missiles, long back in 1967. 

Aliens do not want humans to use nuclear weapons

During his interaction, Salas claimed that a UFO switched off ten independently-run missiles on March 24, 1967, as aliens do not want us to use nuclear weapons. 

Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion Representational PicturePixabay

Salas revealed that the alleged encounter with an alien UFO happened in Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. He also made it clear that the world's intelligence community has covered up decades of alien activity. 

"I was in charge of ten nuclear missiles at the time when a UFO came over and hovered over our facility and while it was hovering there it was seen by all our guards. I was underground 60ft, locked into a concrete capsule. It was reported to me directly by those guards. While the object was up there we lost all ten missiles due to guidance and control failure. This object, whatever it was, would have had to send a signal to each missile separately and disable the guidance system," Salas told the Sun Online

An expert team was soon sent for inspection, but they could not find any damage or explanation for the fault. 

Alien coverup a reality? 

Salas revealed that another missile launch control facility also experienced similar issues on March 16, 1967. He added that aliens do not want humans to experiment with nuclear weapons, as it could doom the blue planet. The former US Air Force captain also shockingly claimed that intelligence agencies could be involved in an alien coverup. 

"There is a worldwide, let's say, cabal that is exchanging information in secret. The intelligence community may be involved in a world cover-up. There are very deeply held secrets. The Roswell case in 1947 offers plain evidence of two crashes in New Mexico. In 1947 our government knew they were dealing with extraterrestrial entities," added Salas.