As space agencies like NASA are busy searching for alien life on distant planets, a top space expert has predicted the number of alien civilizations that could be existing in the universe. Brian Cox, a rockstar turned physicist claimed that the earth might not be the only space body that might be harboring life. 

200 billion alien civilizations in the universe

According to Brian Cox, there could be more than 200 billion alien civilizations in the universe. In an exclusive talk with Sunday Mirror, Cox suggested that there could be several galaxies in the cosmos that could be having star systems and planets hosting life. 

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"There have to be other civilizations in the universe. I can't imagine we are the only ones. Knowing what we know, it's conceivable there are one or two civilizations in a galaxy at any one time. There is certainly one in our galaxy. It is us," Cox told Sunday Mirror

This is not the first time that Cox is talking about aliens. In a BBC documentary, Cox once said that aliens who visit the earth maybe sometimes hostile. 

Pentagon's UFO report awaits

The comments from Brian Cox come at a time when conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for Pentagon's UFO report. According to reports, Pentagon will soon submit its UFO report to the US Congress, and it is expected to shed light on the flying objects that have perplexed US Navy officials. 

In the meantime, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell had recently released two UFO videos that were captured by Navy officers aboard US warships. In the first video, a triangular UFO can be seen hovering in the skies, while in the second clip, a spherical flying vessel can be seen plunging into the ocean. These UFO sightings which may people think authentic have made many people believe that alien existence on earth could be real.