A mysterious video shared to Reddit is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien believers. The video, apparently captured from Costa Rica shows an eight-legged humanoid figure crawling across the road, and seeing this event, a dog can be seen barking loudly. 

Alien or real-life spiderman? 

The mysterious creature spotted in camera moved like a crab across the road, and a dog scampers around yapping at it. As the dog barks, a second dog starts urgently barking in the background, as the unknown creature approaches the camera. 

Alleged mysterious creature spotted on camera in Costa RicaReddit

As the video went viral on online spaces, several people have put forward bizarre suggestions to explain this mysterious event. Several people claimed that the creature spotted in the camera could be most probably an alien, while some others suggested that it could be a real-life spiderman who was patrolling in the night. 

Was that creature a ghoul? 

Some people who believe in parapsychology claim that this creature could be most probably a ghoul. A ghoul is basically a demon-like being or monstrous humanoid that originated in the pre-Islamic Arabian religion. In modern fiction, the word ghoul is usually used to describe a certain kind of undead humanoid monster that consumes human flesh. 

"The way those legs are bent is making me question it, I mean also I can touch my toes when stretching so I know it's possible but either way, fucking creepy," commented a Reddit user. 

However, skeptics have dismissed the alien and ghoul angle, and they assure that the mysterious creature spotted in the camera could be a human having a rollicking time on all fours, for reasons only they know. 

"Kind of looks like a hunched person doing a spider crawl. Also explains the dog's relative calm and curiosity at what's probably a man acting weird. If it were a ghoul, I'd imagine that dog would be freaking the literal fuck out," commented another Reddit user.