alien egg
Alleged reptilian egg discovered in ArkansasUFO Sightings Daily

It was around a couple of days back that a scaly object was found in a field in Arkansas. Interestingly, the outer shell of this object literally resembled the skin of a snake, and the shape of the mysterious object made many people suspect that it could be an egg. The discovered egg has an oval shape, and it apparently measured more than 2 feet. 

Aliens or ancient species?
Some of the explanations put forward by netizens after seeing the images of the egg-like object include fossilized dinosaur waste, a prehistoric egg, a petrified turtle shell, or a giant mushroom. However, popular conspiracy theorist, Scott C Waring, who analyzed the images claimed that it could be the egg of a reptilian alien. 
"The object does closely resemble an egg and not just any egg, but a reptilian egg. Could this object actually be a reptilian alien from long ago that has put himself into a hibernation mode and was unable to wake up? Or may just be an egg of a long since extinct species..but the species might be an ancient alien species. We need deep scans of the inside or it must be cut into thin sections," claimed Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily
Waring also added that this discovery is concrete evidence of aliens that have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years. He even outlandishly claimed that intelligent reptilian extraterrestrial species one walked across the earth. 
Possible Explanation
However, experts were quick to dismiss the alien angle, and they made it clear that this egg is not of extraterrestrial origin. James Starnes, director of surface geology for the Mississippi Office of Geology, revealed that the mysterious structure is basically a geological formation known as a siderite septarian nodule. 
These geological formations are also known as dragon stones, as the natural patterns on its surface are very similar to dragon skin.