Aliens Base on the Moon
The bizarre structure on lunar's surface was discovered by a UFO enthusiast Scott Waring using Google MoonYouTube Screenshot/Scott Waring

The Lunar surface serving as a base for aliens will remain a debatable topic. But a UFO enthusiast claims that the recent findings prove such a possibility.

A mysterious structure has been spotted on the Moon's surface. The bizarre structure on lunar's surface was discovered by Scott Waring with the help of Google Moon, a photographic map of the equatorial region.

Waring claims that a dark shape object on the Moon's surface gives evidence that there is an alien base on the Moon. The UFO enthusiast in his blog UFO Sightings Daily posted photos and a video of lunar surface taken from Google Moon.

In the video he describes that structure as "really amazing structure". The video was uploaded on YouTube on 11 August and has been viewed by more than 85,000 times.

"On the back side alone there are seven to eight right angles. The darkness around the edges seems to tell us that there is a large cavity underneath the structure, under the ground and also along the edges here there is a walled area, which tells us there is a cavity there because the wall is to keep things from falling in," Waring said in the video.

Several YouTube users who checked the video believes that there is aliens' base on the Moon. But one user described the structure as a crash site

"This is actually a crash site of a (Stowtype ) 1c Class star craft flown in from the rim of the galaxy. This particular craft impacted with the visible surface of the moon around 67 yrs ago, the dark shadow around the crash site is actually the remnants of burnt Aaitol fuel," a user, Geoff D, explained.

Another user, Goku2572, explained that the structure could be visual illusion that is created by pixel deterioration.

Watch the video by Waring below: