Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal leaked private pictures: Was it a publicity stunt?

Ali Fazal was in news recently after some of his private pictures got leaked online. While he condemned the apparent act of cyber-hacking, a report stated that it was a publicity stunt by the actor before the release of his film.

While Ali had initially denied the news of his private pictures being leaked, he later posted a video on social media admitting that it was indeed him in the obscene photos.

He not only confirmed the incident, but also called it a "cheap" and "distasteful" act on the part of whoever responsible. In the video, he even was seen saying that he will go deep into the matter.

However, a report in Deccan Chronicle claimed that it was a publicity stunt by Ali himself to create buzz around his upcoming film Milan Talkies.

"He has not mentioned any leaked nudes to us. Even if there were such leaks, by talking about them you are only attracting more attention to what you claim to be a breach of your privacy. The minute Ali says his nude pictures have been leaked, people will try to find them online. That seems to be the strategy to create some interest in his new film," the publication quoted a friend of Ali as saying.

Ali Fazal
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The report also stated that it could be a publicity stunt as the makers of Milan Talkies have been trying hard to create hype around the film but could not, and hence, took this extreme step.

Some time ago, Kamal Haasan's daughter Akshara Haasan had found herself in an awkward situation when some of her private photos had made way to social media. Her pictures in inner-wear had gone viral on the internet, following which, the actress had expressed strong grief at the incident.