Dozens of people have been killed in the fight between the Syrian government troops and rebel forces in the Jamiyat al-Zahraa area of western Aleppo since early Tuesday, Reutersquoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) as saying. The clashes between the two sides were going on even on Wednesday.

The rebel groups said at least 40 government personnel and 10 of their men were killed in the clashes. However, the Syrian military has denied the claims of the rebels and said civilians and rebel fighters were among the dead.

SOHR director Rami Abdulrahman said Tuesday's was the most intense fight in the area in a year. Lebanon's Hezbollah political party deployed government forces in the area after the clashes.

Several others were killed on Tuesday when rebel fighters attacked a hospital. The Aleppo Health Directorate reportedly said a majority of injured patients included children and women.

The Syrian government and rebel groups, with the help of the United Nations, had in February brokered a deal to call truce in the region where the forces of both sides were getting into frequent fights. However, the ceasefire soon collapsed in several parts of the country, including Aleppo.

The U.N. is hoping the talks to end the ongoing civil war in the country resume as it has taken several lives and displaced thousands of people internally and externally.

"I have a feeling and a hope that we can relaunch this. We all hope that... in a few hours we can relaunch the cessation of hostilities. If we can do this, we will be back on the right track," the Straits Times quoted U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura as saying.