India is a country where film stars are often considered demi-Gods by their fans. At times, this obsession with their on-screen hero may turn blind, and there are several instances where fans have done crazy acts to meet their favorite actors. The latest addition to this long list is the case of an Odisha boy who fled from Odisha to Mumbai to see a glance of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. 

The 10th standard student who wished to see Akshay Kumar

According to reports, the boy who fled to Mumbai is studying in the 10th standard, and he is an ardent fan of Akshay Kumar. He ran away from his home on August 09, expecting to meet Akshay Kumar in Mumbai. 

Akshay Kumar

Shockingly, the boy sold his smartphone which his parents gave him for online classes to meet the expenditure of the journey. After boarding a train from Jharsuguda, he reached Mumbai, with the ultimate hope that he will be able to see his on-screen superstar. 

In the meantime, the parents of the young boy lodged a complaint at the local police station, and a missing case has been filed. 

When fanship turns obsession, people commit crazy acts

Later, the boy's teacher Anjan Das received a call from a private security guard of Akshay Kumar and informed him that they found him near the actor's residence. After collecting the necessary information from him, the security guard contacted the teacher and conveyed that the boy is well. 

Soon, the local police of Sundargarh district contacted the actor's security guards and requested them to keep the boy in their custody. According to the latest updates, Rourkela Child Protection Unit, along with some police officers have started their journey to Mumbai to bring back the boy to Odisha. 

It is still unclear whether the boy got a chance to meet Akshay Kumar, his on-screen God. 

This is not the first time that incidents like these are happening in India. A few months back, a fan of Sonu Sood walked 700 kilometers and visited his favorite hero. After the meeting, Sonu Sood requested all his fans to refrain from doing daring acts to see him.