Luv Ranjan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn.
Director Luv Ranjan with Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn.Luv Films, Facebook

Ajay Devgn fans are unhappy after reports claimed that the actor will be seen playing Ranbir Kapoor's onscreen father in Luv Ranjan's next movie.

Some of his fans who got furious learning about it expressed their angst on Twitter with "Gullible Ajay Devgn" expression. A series of tweets started pouring in requesting Ajay not to accept the role.

According to fans, the Singham actor is too young to play Ranbir's father. They opined that it was inappropriate to present a 49-year-old Ajay as a father of Ranbir, who is 35. Fans said that Ajay still has a lot of potential as an action hero, and they were not ready to accept him playing the role of father of an actor, who is just 14 years younger to him.

Many have been saying that Ajay still has the popularity and ability to pull off any movie as a solo hero, and it is too early for him to slide down to aged roles.

"You are a SUPERSTAR and there is at least 10 more years of solo movies you can do starring as a HERO. Don't glide to elder people's role coz THIS IS NOT THE TIME After Raid success, masses EXPECT MORE FROM YOU Love u a lot @ajaydevgn but have to say GULLIBLE AJAY DEVGN [sic]," one fan tweeted.

The film is yet to be announced, and irked fans of Ajay are already threatening to boycott it if it shows him as father of Ranbir's character. "I will prefer u anytime in #Shivaay over a #Dangal type movie Sir u have a superhero type image please don't destroy it @ajaydevgn GULLIBLE AJAY DEVGN [sic]," another tweeted.

Some are even abusing director Luv Ranjan for casting Ajay in the role of an old man. While an official announcement on the film is still awaited, reports stated that the movie will focus on the bonding between a father and son.

Check some of the tweets from Ajay fans: