Air India
Air IndiaCreativeCommons/Allan Watkin

State-owned carrier Air India will operate all-women crew flights March 8. The 20 domestic flights will have women pilots, cabin crew and staffers to celebrate International Women's Day. 

Air India has 3,765 women employees working as technicians, ground staff, doctor, engineers, luggage handlers and security personnel, IANS reports.

"Air India will fly 20 all-women domestic flights March 8 to commemorate International Women's Day. The details regarding their routes and timings are expected to be disclosed by Monday evening," Saurabh Gupta, the airline's public relations officer, was quoted as saying by the agency.

On Sunday, the national aircraft carrier created a record by operating the world's longest flight with an all-women crew flight from New Delhi to San Francisco. Flight AI 173 took off from New Delhi Sunday morning and will return Tuesday.

"The national carrier (Air India) supports the cause of women in every area," Harpreet Singh Dey, president of the Indian Women Pilots' Association, was quoted as saying by IANS.

Flight AI 173 had women handling all operations, from flying the plane to women as cabin crew, engineers, ground handling staff, flight dispatchers and trimmers.

Every year, International Women's Day is celebrated by Air India with "all-women" crews on selected international and domestic sectors.