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Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavaasi (Agnathavasi/Agnyathavasi) has made a brilliant collection at the US box office in the premieres and beaten the records of Baahubali: The Beginning and Khaidi No 150.

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Agnyaathavaasi, which is also known as PSPK25, is one of the most-talked-about Telugu movies of 2017, but it will clash with Balakrishna's Jai Simha and Suriya's Gang at the box office. Its theatrical rights were sold for exorbitant prices and in a bid to recover the distributors' investments, the makers decided to release it in the cinema halls two days ahead of other movies.

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LA Telugu had acquired the overseas distribution rights of Agnyaathavaasi for Rs 19.50 crore and had grand plans for release and promotion in the international markets especially in North America. The distributors had booked nearly 600 screens in the US for the premiere shows on Tuesday and also opened its advance booking 23 days before the film hit the screens.

Agnyaathavaasi has received a fantastic response in its pre-sales in the country and crossed the mark of $1 million at the US box office, even before the premiere show began. The movie went on to beat even Hollywood movies like Jumanji, Insidious and Star Wars in the online ticket booking.

Idlebrain Jeevi tweeted, "The pre-sales collection of #Agnyaathavaasi has crossed $1 Million dollars even before a single show is screened. PSPK's cult craze and Trivikram's following along with good trailers/songs and excellent planning by overseas distributor LAtelugu made it possible!"

According to early updates, Agnyaathavaasi has collected $1,305,655 at the US box office in the premieres and the movie would easily surpass the mark of 1.5 million in the country. The movie has shattered the records of Baahubali: The Beginning and Khaidi No 150, which grossed $1,005,630, $1,295,613 and $1,395,309, respectively at the US box office in their premieres.

Agnyaathavaasi has emerged as the second biggest Tollywood opener of all-time after Baahubali 2. Idlebrain Jeevi tweeted, Taran Adarsh tweeted, "Call it a STORM... Or call it a TSUNAMI or a TYPHOON... Fact is, a Telugu stands TALL at USA Boxoffice along with Hollywood giants... Yes, #Agnyaathavaasi takes an EARTH-SHATTERING start, despite midweek release [Tue] in USA..."

Taran Adarsh tweeted, "Telugu film #Agnyaathavaasi takes a FANTABULOUS START in USA... Tue previews $ 1,513,540 [₹ 9.65 cr]... Yes, you read it right: $ 1.5 million on a working day... If this is not AWESOME, what is? @Rentrak."