Union minister Amit Shah said the arrest of the climate activist Disha Ravi in the toolkit case has been explained by the police and factors such as age, gender and profession could not be relevant in assessing culpability in a crime. 

Shah said it was easy to raise questions against the arrest but who would accept responsibility in case something untoward happened. He further quoted, "what kind of trend is this that people start talking about profession, association and age in terms of a case" criticizing the media reports.

Amit Shah

Shah on Disha Ravi's arrest

Shah asked, "Do you ask the age of someone who commits a crime?" he added there was little scope of error by Delhi police but there was an option to approach the court and seek remedy if he or she feels that there is no evidence". 

He cleared that "Delhi police have been given a free hand to deal with the case, there is no political pressure on them and they have the freedom to act as per the law, therefore, I will not speak about the merits of the case," in comments to reports. 

Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate activist,
Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate activist arrested by Delhi PoliceCredit:Facebook

He added, "there must be some evidence on which Delhi police has taken action. Delhi police is acting as per the law. It has already given details of the IPC sections which have been used in the case. It has explained the case and the sections in detail for the people"

S N Shrivastava had said that Disha Ravi's arrest was made in accordance with the law.