As Tautkae left the west coast battered for over three days, the country's east coast is bracing for another cyclone. In the coming days, the cyclone "Yaas" may reach the beaches of West Bengal and the coast of Odisha, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The weather service has predicted that the storm will pass over the Bay of Bengal on May 21 and the cyclone is expected to make landfall around 23rd of May. The cyclone is named "Yaas," which means "despair" or "disappointment" in Arabic.

Cyclone Nisarga

According to the weather department, the chances of a cyclone developing in the Bay of Bengal's south-central area are extremely strong. It is difficult to assess the cyclone category as it is yet to be formed in a cyclonic storm. However, the likelihood of an extreme or super cyclone is high, suggest reports.

According to the IMD bulletin, a low-pressure area is likely to develop over the Bay of Bengal next week, and the low-pressure system could intensify. Sunitha Devi, in charge of cyclones at the IMD, said, "As soon as it enters our forecast skill range, we will mention it in our forecasts."

Madhavan Rajeevan, secretary of the ministry of earth sciences, shared images of the structure formation in the Bay of Bengal and the seafloor in a Tweet.

Since the Covid pandemic continues unabated, cyclone 'Tauktae' had shown the fury of the nature on parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra, leaving a trail of devastation. Now, India is bracing for Yaas next week.