Priyanka Chopra
In picture: Priyanka Chopra.Reuters File

After Sunny Leone expressed her views on being objectified, Priyanka Chopra has now spoken on the same issue, saying that she is okay with being called a 'sex symbol'.

Priyanka was asked if she will be proud of being called a sex symbol and the Baywatch actress said that she would not have any problem with the tag, but that is not something she would aim for.

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"Yes, being objectified is part of my job. I don't get offended by being called a sex symbol, because I am an actress and it's the nature of what I do. But I don't think being a sex symbol is something you want to aim for. Of course, you want to be hot, but that's not all you want to stand for," the actress told

Sunny had earlier said that she has no issue being objectified and that she does not find the word "objectification" bad.

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"I don't know. I objectify men all the time. Just kidding! Maybe not so much kidding but I don't see the word 'objectification' as a bad word. We all objectify things and products and people to sell the product we wish to sell. For me sometimes, it is selling brand 'Sunny Leone'. For a film, it's selling the name with the film," Sunny had told BBC.

Priyanka is all set to be seen in her debut Hollywood movie, Baywatch, in which she plays an antagonist. The film features Dwayne Johnson and Zac Afron in lead roles. On the other side, Sunny recently appeared in the song video, Laila Main Laila, in Raees.

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