Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor Khan
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Kareena Kapoor Khan was one of the few Bollywood stars who had expressed her desire to watch Kangana Ranaut's biopic. The Manikarnika actress had recently announced that she is making a film on her life saying that her story from rags to riches will make for a great cinematic experience. And now Kangana, who had recently spewed venom on Ranbir Kapoor for avoiding talking about politics, heaped praise for Kareena Kapoor who herself is a product of nepotism.

"Kareena is absolutely lovely. She is one of those graceful, dignified people. I always see her and feel that if you have to be an actress, wife or mother, it should be like her. She is the epitome of a perfect woman. She always encourages me and sends me positive messages. She is a very inspiring woman," Kangana had told the media during the interaction.

Earlier, Kareena had said that she is excited to watch Kangana's biopic when she heard about it. "I have heard that Kangana's biopic is coming. I am excited to watch her biopic. I believe that she is one of the finest actresses and I love her. I am so fond of her. She is an astonishing actress and an intelligent woman," Kareena had said adding that her husband Saif Ali Khan had also congratulated Kangana on the film.

For the uninitiated, Kareena had earlier slammed Kangana for creating a furore over the existence of nepotism in the entertainment industry. Saif Ali Khan too was being criticised when he took a jibe at Kangana's nepotism debate by chanting 'Nepotism Rocks' while he was hosting am award show along with Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar in 2017.

"A lot of things seem out of context. Doesn't nepotism exist in every field? But nobody addresses that. In business families, the son takes over the business. A politician's son takes over his place," Kareena had said in an interview.

Kareena had also admitted that the Bollywood industry is ruthless and it's about talent and survival of the fittest. "That's exactly the reason Kangana Ranaut is considered such a great actress. And she's not from the industry. If there's Alia Bhatt, there's also Kangana. It's not only about star-kids," Kareena had said.

As they say, 'all's well that ends well.'