Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor
Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina KaifTwitter

Katrina Kaif has never shied away from talking about her past relationships that failed to go a long way. After breaking up with Salman Khan after almost 4 years of dating, Katrina found solace in Ranbir Kapoor's arms only to realize that they were not meant for each other. She eventually broke up with Ranbir and while trying to patching up her broken heart, a new Katrina was born. And if you ask Katrina if she feels awkward in the presence of her exes, the starlet would say that she would rather remain cordial with them instead of feeling sad.

"I just don't feel awkward and I don't carry any heavy thoughts about it. As I said, all my experiences have only given me something. Also, why do we have to make everything so complex and heavy? It's a personal thing and may not work for everyone, but if I had two options, I would always choose the simple one over the heavy and complex. Why would I want to feel awkward in anyone's presence? I would rather smile, laugh, have a good chat and keep it easy, instead of keeping a sad face. Simple," Katrina Kaif told Bombay Times in an interview.

Salman Khan, on the grand premiere of Nach Baliye 9, too opened up about being friends with his ex-girlfriends and how exes can still work together if they failed to be together in a relationship.

"If two people are not able to spend their lives together, you should be ok with everyone. If you could not make it in one field, you can come together and work together. A boy and a girl can be friends even after breakup, but it depends," Salman had said.