After Rabi Pirzada, Pakistani model Samra Chaudhry reacts to leaked nude videos
After Rabi Pirzada, Pakistani model Samra Chaudhry reacts to leaked nude videos.Twitter

Pakistani model Samra Chaudhry, whose nude videos were leaked on social media recently, has reacted to the scandal. After singer Rabi Pirzada, Samra was the second one to have her private videos leaked online.

Hashtags like #SamraChaudhryLeakedVideos #SamraChaudhryVideos have been doing the rounds on social media for quite some time. The videos are not just viral on social media and Whatsapp but are also now made available on porn sites.

Samra says she regrets whatever happened

Reacting to the major controversy, Samra said that she has committed a mistake and she regrets whatever happened, according to Pakistani publication The Namal. As many as four videos were out on the internet where nude Samra was seen dancing in a hotel room, while another person was filming her. In one of the videos, a masked man was seen pleasuring Samra.

Before Samra, popular Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada had also become a victim of cyber-crime. A number of private videos of the singer had gone viral on social media, causing a major controversy. Some reports had claimed that she had recorded the videos for her boyfriend, now husband.

Rabi Pirzada
Rabi Pirzada's leaked private videos.Twitter

Rabi Pirzada quits showbiz

Rabi later had quit the showbiz industry and had sought forgiveness from the almighty for her "sins". In a video, she was seen crying and cursing all the Muslims who had shared her videos.

Muslims who shared my stuff or were accomplice are targeted by cyber-crime and FIA. Even two persons are arrested in the same connection. They will get punished in this life and hereafter (inshaAllah) because Allah grasp is severe. InshaAllah, they are guilty in Allah's court and they will be punished. InshaAllah.

I pray that such kind of people should be punished. Their name and words don't match their actions. At the same time, I met people who helped me and stood by me without any greed. Their selflessness resembled that of angels sent from Allah, she had said