Nasa is hiring a planetary protection officer to protect the Earth from aliens

SpaceX, the private space company led by South African billionaire Elon Musk recently revealed that they have delayed their plans to send private customers to the orbit of the moon, raising suspicion over manned moon missions per se.

As per SpaceX, it is some technical issue which compels them to delay the mission but conspiracy theorists are not ready to believe Elon Musk and his company, and they have already put forward a theory surrounding aliens and extraterrestrials.

Something mysterious behind the mission's delay?

A video uploaded by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFO Mania' suggests that the real reason behind the delay in the mission could be something related to extraterrestrials. Using inputs from 'Disclose TV', the narrator of the video mostly talks about SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket in this clip. However, it is crystal clear that the conspiracy theory channel is not convinced with the technical issue explanation put forward by Elon Musk and his team.

"The company is also facing queries regarding the practicality of its flagship Falcon Heavy rocket which was launched for the very first time earlier this year. The rocket was the most powerful of its kind to leave the Earth's orbit since the Apollo missions and so its launch, and the various technical problems which beset the team working on the project received widespread media scrutiny and scrutiny from industry experts," said the conspiracy theory channel.

General public reacts

The video has already gone viral, and viewers were quick to speculate the real reason behind the moon mission delay.

Most of the people who watched the video strongly argue that the actual reason behind the delay could be the purported presence of extraterrestrials on Moon. These people believe that aliens have warned humans never to come back to the moon way back in the early 1970s.

"Eventually, N.A.S.A. is going to have to tell the people that there are E.T.'s on the Moon. They've probably asked the E.T.'s to hide, but they probably have refused because they feel it's time for us to know about their existence. The Government is stalling. Private companies are running out of patience in waiting for the Government to come clean about this information. Eventually one will have to spill the beans in order to keep investors on board," commented Hollywood 1127, a YouTube user.

Another YouTube user Rich Wags commented that Elon Musk might be now controlled by the Illuminati, the fictional group of people who might be running a single shadow government in the world.

"Who ever they say they are going to send will be a whole scam to try to make people believe. Space -X is controlled by the Illuminate now. Every since he was able to make a successful rocket launch is when he joined. Wake -up people. We are being controlled by 2 Demons on this Earth. They use our soils like food because when they die they die," said Rich Wags.

SpaceX following NASA's way

Donald Trump's 2017 Directives indicated that the United States is planning for another manned mission to the Mars. However, around a month back, NASA announced that it has canceled its only program developing moon rover. The new decision from NASA literally shocked conspiracy theorists, and they loudly proclaimed that an intentional alien coverup is being carried out by the government and the space agency. These conspiracy theorists even alleged that aliens are living in secret underground bases on the moon.