Virat Kohli speaks with the media ahead of Australia tour
Virat Kohli addresses media before Australia tourANI

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul's cricket career started going downhill ever since they showed their sexist and misogynistic mindset on Koffee With Karan talking about the way treated women in the past. The two cricketers are now facing an indefinite suspension imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for till the completion of an enquiry. Amid the furore, an old video of Virat Kohli calling a girl 'ugly' is now going viral on social media.

In the video shared by an cricket enthusiast and Australian blogger named Dennis Freedman, Virat Kohli can be seen sharing his blind experience when he went on a blind date with a girl.

When host Anusha Dandekar asked Kohli about his quickest date, he said, "I actually went on a blind date which ended in about five minutes. I saw the girl and I ran away." When asked why he ran away, Kohli replied, "She was ugly".

However, Twitter users were left divided and most of them defended Kohli's actions saying that he was just 19 years old and it wouldn't be right to reprimand for something which he had done out of immaturity.

A couple of days ago, old videos of Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor passing inappropriate comments to Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif had surfaced online after Koffee With Karan controversy.

On a related note, Kohli had lashed out at Pandya and Rahul's indecent comments on Karan Johar's show and said that his team does not support such behaviour.

"From the Indian cricket team point of view, any inappropriate comments that are made in that scenario are something that we definitely don't support and the two concerned players felt what has gone wrong and they have understood the magnitude of what's happened," Kohli said at the SCG ahead of the opening ODI against Australia.

"Definitely it has to hit anyone hard, they will definitely understand the things that have not gone right," he added.

Pandya was particularly guilty of derogating women as he narrated his off-field encounters. One of the many controversial things said by the all-rounder was, "Aaj mai kar ke aya" – referring to the time he lost his virginity.

After facing severe backlash, Pandya had apologised for his comments on social media and said that he "got carried away with the nature of the show."

His father Himanshu Pandya defended his son Hardik's statements by saying that his son was just trying to entertain the audience adding that his words should be not be taken seriously.